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Top Picks for Home Electronics

From the latest hi-fi system to kitchen electronics, there’s always some way to spruce up your home by investing in the latest and best home electronics. But, with so many options in home electronics, choosing the right one can be a tough nut to crack for many folks. Luckily, we have made a list of our top picks for home electronics that will easily help you spruce up your home.

Smart TV

No, we’re not talking about a regular LED TV. Owning a smart TV is the best way for a family to relax and enjoy their favorite TV programs streaming live via the internet. This is a far cry from the modest television sets from a few decades ago. With the amount of innovation that the TV industry has witnessed over the past few years, any TV that’s older than a decade can easily look like something out of the dark ages.

Besides, since everybody (and their dog) seems to be obsessed with some Netflix show or another, having a Smart TV provides you with a higher level of entertainment streamed right to your living room. Furthermore, you can even display your favorite art on your Smart TV via USB or your mobile device, which instantly turns your Smart TV into a slick picture frame.

Boiling Water Tap

Taps have been around for a while. From the one in your kitchen to the ones being used in the bathroom, but through the years, the humble tap has evolved too. Quooker is a brand that has introduced a new type of tap that has some tricks up its sleeve. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that when it comes to tap design, Quooker may have just reinvented the wheel. The reason is that this particular tap doesn’t just give you access to fresh, cool water on demand; it can dispense boiling water.

That’s right. Rather than having two taps: one for cold and one for hot water, this revolutionary new tap design, allows you to get both cold and hot water from the same tap with a simple twist of the nozzle. The ring on the base shoes a blue light for cold and red for warm water, and you also get a digital screen to view the temperature of the water as it passes through the tap. This means, no need to put the kettle on the fire the next time you need a nice cup of tea.

Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging Capabilities

If you travel frequently and stay in swanky hotels, you may have noticed this little gem. The CubieTime alarm clock can be seen in many a hotel room from the Marriott to Hilton, and IHG to Wyndham and many more. The reason being, this alarm clock is not only compact in size, which means less space; it also offers wireless charging. The Brandstand CubieTime charging alarm clock is a must-have not only because it offers wireless charging, which is a first for any alarm clock, but it also comes chock full of many other amazing features that you definitely have to try.

Motion Sensor Doorbell

No list of home electronics items can be complete without at least one device dedicated to your home’s security. This time, we’ve got the Ring motion sensor doorbell, which is anything but your average doorbell. This home electronic device features a tiny motion sensor that’s been integrated into its design that detects motion, especially the unwelcome kind. This nifty little device offers video on demand for homeowners who want to keep an eye on their front door while they are away.

You can also talk to the person standing in front of your door via the built-in microphone and speaker, which alone makes this one of the coolest home electronics that you can invest in for your home.

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