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If you are looking for photography-related items, then you should consider ordering it from My daughter is a photographer, and her niche is newborn photography. She works with a lot of different backdrops, but she loves to use natural-looking backgrounds while snapping infants. I got her the 'Brick Wall Style Vinyl Backdrop' from, and her reaction was priceless. She loved the backdrop and is always trying different settings with it. The quality of the product is excellent. I had no trouble ordering the product from Their website is easy to navigate through, and all the product categories are well-defined. If you’re considering purchasing, you absolutely should - you will definitely be very happy with your purchase.

Cassie Radford

May 13, 20

I got a smart wristband for my dad from, and he loves it. My dad had a heart issue a while back, and ever since then I’ve been pestering him to get in shape. He finally relented and agreed to go on daily walks. To monitor his heart rate and blood pressure during his walks, I got him the Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor Smart Fitness Tracker from, and he loves wearing it. He waits to go out every day so that he can flaunt his wristband. He says it looks ‘cool’ on him. It correctly measures my dad’s vitals and lets him know if he needs to take a break. Thanks to my dad’s wristband, I don’t have to worry too much when he goes out for his daily walks. I am incredibly happy with my purchase, and I know my father is too.

Sasha Young

May 13, 20

Best Drone Camera I Have Ever Worked with I am a film student, and I absolutely love shooting. I had to shoot a fashion film recently, and for that, I needed a drone camera. I ordered the 2500KV Motor 600TVL Camera FPV Racing Drone from, and it came in a few days prior to my shoot. I have worked with drone cameras before, so I know what a fine drone camera looks like. So, when I tell you that my new racing drone is exceptional, I mean it! Thanks to it, I was able to capture all the shots for my film beautifully. Its high-speed motor makes it perfect for any outdoor shoot, plus the camera itself is extraordinary. I would recommend the 2500KV Motor 600TVL camera from to all my fellow filmmakers.

Cyrus Smith

May 13, 20

I am a content creator, and I recently decided to make videos and vlogs. For that, I needed a high-power LED light. A friend of mine recommended that I should get the lighting equipment for my videos from, and I did. I am delighted with my purchase. Their 55W LED light ring illuminates my videos perfectly and has completely transformed the quality of my videos. When I compare my first few videos that I shot without the LED with the new ones, I am amazed every single time. Thanks to and their LED, I am much more confident in my videos and don’t hesitate to share them.

Whitney Francis

May 13, 20

Excellent Customer Service – Drone Purchase In my attempt to find more things to do being off school cause of the Corona Virus, I was able to purchase a really cool drone on eelectronicstore. I called and asked a few questions about the different models for sale and was pointed in the right direction by the customer care team. I was pleased with the purchase and the drone worked well. It was a little smaller than I expected, but the photo was on point and was exactly as it looked on the website. I would buy again from eelectronicstore again and the customer care rep. Amie, was pretty cool to. Decatur, GA

Chris O’Neil

May 09, 20

Wi-Fi Security Camera Purchase – Quality & Fast As a home-owner in West Africa during the recent COVID-19 crisis, I was concerned about home security, all the department stores were closed, due to the virus quarantine. I logged on to eelectronicstore and purchased a set of Wi-Fi Security camera and installed them myself. It was a great experience, the cameras came on time and I actually was able to follow the instructions and do it yourself on an electronics project. I recommend eelectronicstore for home electronics, the service was friendly and the equipment was packaged nicely and was quality. Accra, Ghana (Roman Ridge)

Akwasi Owusu

May 09, 20

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